The Sticker Club


So what is the sticker club?

The sticker club is a tier based club where your level of support* gives you perks much like you would find on other platforms.

What are the Perks?

Level Copper $5 - first access to sales and a 5% discount code. 

Level Silver $10 - All of coppers perks and a 10% discount code. 

Level Gold $15 - All the perks of  silver and two randomly picked stickers a month. Sneak peaks at other up coming stickers and bookmarks. 

So how do I join?

There are two places to join the Sticker Club 

Option one. Join on Ko-fi. Ko-fi is simple to use and costs you nothing to sign up for! Here you will also find behind the scene photos and other updates.


Or your second choice! Pharewings hosts the sticker club on a site called Guilded. Not only can you subscribe to the sticker club, but also be connected to a wonderful community of artists and other silliness for free if you so choose. With this you can also find out when Pharewings is going live on Twitch or Tiktok.



*All prices listed in USD