Custom Orders

Custom designs and logos!

If you would like a custom design or logo, stickers, or bookmarks please contact me at

Custom designs and logos start at $20 and can be up to $60 depending upon the complexity of the design.

  • The initial consultation is free.
  • This comes with two free edits.  
  • Each additional edit is $5.

If you decided to print stickers or bookmarks with your new art no edits will be allowed. 

Custom prints.

Yes you can have your own design made into a small batch of stickers or a book marks. The initial cost of looking at your art and making sure it will work is $5. 

Custom Printed Stickers Pricing.

  • 1 inch: $1 each minimum order of 10 maximum order of 30.
  • 2inch: $1.50  each minimum order of 10 maximum order of 30
  • 3inch: $1.50  each minimum order of 10 maximum order of 30
  • 4 inch: $3.50  each minimum order of 5 maximum order of 15
  • 6 inch: $5.50  each minimum order of 5 maximum order of 15
  • Add Holographic vinyl for $0.50 per sticker. 


Custom Hand cut Bookmark Pricing:

Hand cut bookmarks are 1.5 inches by 4 inches. During the free consultation we will go over the back solid color of bookmark, tassel color if different then black.

  • Bookmarks are 9 dollars each minimum order of 10 Maximum order of 30
  • Bookmarks printed on holographic papers have a $1.00 up charge per sticker. 



Some orders may receive a $10 additional consultation fee.